Thank you for visiting my gallery. I started drawing as soon as I could pick up a crayon and have always enjoyed it as a pastime and a way to relax and express my feelings.

My art is an expression of my passion for and confusion about life and love. Tightrope walker Philippe Petit was recently asked what he thought about love:

What about love? Oh, that's a very, very complex subject. I think I create in a lonely way, and I need to be alone with myself. I think I am very clumsy in that world [love]. I would not know how to make sense. I am subject again to thunderstorms, whirlpools and tempests and canyons opening under my feet. I will only think of love if it's a mad love. If it's a falling in love, it's something ridiculous to love or the wrong time to love. Then I'm interested.

I hope you enjoy visiting my galleries and the thunderstorms and whirlpools of my life...

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