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Mr. Skipper is a descendant of the Maxwell clan of Scotland.

His father is James Maxwell Skipper; his grandmother was Louise Maxwell.

His great-grandfather was Luther Maxwell.

His two brothers are James Maxwell (Jr.) and John Luther.

His first name, Louis, is from his grandmother.

His sister is Rebecca Louise, also named after their grandmother.

Great Sources for Information:

     The Finer Times

     Camelot International


     Lords and Ladies/ Middle Ages for Kids


Your paper on the Middle Ages will have 

three sub-topics: feudalism and two 

choices from this list.

To make it easier for you to put a copy of each source into your Google drive for note taking, I've already converted these sites into Google docs. When you choose your sub-topics, look at the numbers and find their corresponding files here. Make a copy and put it in your 'research' folder and take notes on that copy.


     1. Ducksters  

     2. Britain Express 

     YouTube video by Chelsea Fraumeni

     As illustrated by Monty Python



Alfred, the Great


Children in the Middle Ages

     4. The Finer Times 

     5. 2020 site 

King Arthur


     7. How Stuff Works

     8. King Arthur dot Com Legend

     9. Lords and Ladies/ Middle Ages for Kids

Mary I

     10. ThoughtCo (formerly

Merlin, the Magician

     11. Encyclopedia Britannica online

     12. King Arthur's Knights

Games and Recreation

     13. Eastern Illinois University

Hair Styles

     14. Medieval Chronicles


     15. Mystery in the Middle Ages

     16. Teacher Created Materials 1994 PDF


     17. Annenberg Learner

Life in a Castle

     18a. Exploring Castles

     18b. Exploring Castles - Castle Layout

     19.   Ducksters

Work and Leisure

    20a.  Entertainment in the Middle Ages/ Middle Ages for Kids

    20b.  Troubadours / Middle Ages for Kids

    20c.  Minstrels / Middle Ages for Kids

    21.    Activities in the Middle Ages / The Finer Times

    22.    Work in the Middle Ages / The Finer Times

Holidays and Celebrations

    23.    Holidays and Celebrations / Medieval Life dot Net

    24a.  Medieval Holidays / Medieval Life and Times

    24b.  May Pole Dancing / Medieval Life and Times

Halloween in the Middle Ages

    25. New York Carver


    26. Knights Jousting / Medieval Chronicles


    27. Sports in the Middle Ages / The Finer Times

    28. Medieval Sports / Middle Ages for Kids


    29.  Annenberg Learner

Becoming a Knight

    30. Book Source

    31. Medieval Life and Times

The Black Death

    32.   The Black Death / All About History

    33a. The Black Death / History Learning Site

    33b. The Peasants' Revolt / History Learning Site

    34.   The Black Death / Eyewitness to History

Crime and Punishment

    35. Camelot International

    36. The Finer Times

    37. 2020 site pdf


    38. Medievalists dot net

    39. What is a Dragon? (


    40. Heraldry for Kids

    41. English Heritage dot Org

    42. Middle Ages for Kids

    43. Symbols and Their Meanings

The Hundred Years War

    44. Kiddle Encyclopedia

    45. Ducksters


    46. Teacher Created Materials 1994 pdf

Knights Templar

    47. Lords and Ladies/ Middle Ages for Kids


    48. Medieval Life and Times

    49. Medieval Chronicles  (Seems to be crashing a lot.)


    50. The Finer Times

    51. Annenberg Learner

Siege Weapons

    52. Lords and Ladies / Middle Ages for Kids


The Tudor Era

    53. Tudor Era / National Geographic for Kids

    54. Tudor Era / Kiddle

    DK FindOut is an Interactive Site. I've put links to each section

    55a.  The Tudors

    55b. Tudor Childhood

    55c. Tudor Exploration

    55d. Tudor Entertainment

    55e. Food and Feasting

    55f. Tudor London

    55g. Henry VIII

    55h. Elizabeth I

    55i.  Tudor Clothing, Early

    55j.  Tudor Clothing, Late

     (I probably won't make a Google doc of the DK pages.

     If I don't, here's the citation information:

          Author: n/a

          Title of Page or Article: (each article has its own title)

          Title of Website: DKFindOut!

          Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Limited.

          Date of Publication: 2020

          URL: (click above and copy it)

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Caerlaverock Castle

Research Project Checklist

Cover Page*


Middle Ages Collage*



Title Page

Table of Contents


Paper - Topic #1

Paper - Topic #2

Paper - Topic #3


Works Cited

College Collage

Personal Collage*


Bio Poem

     Example and Design




Project Links and Important Information

1. 1,000 words (four typed pages)

2. Suggested Sub-topics are on the left.


3. Research Poem (guidelines)

4. Student Biography (example)

    - 200-300 words (30 pts)

    - Grammar, Punctuation, etc (10 pts)

    - Voice (10 pts)

    - 3rd person POV (10 pts)

    - Personal History (10 pts)

    - Recent Accomplishments (10 pts)

    - Goals (10 pts)

    - Hobbies, Interests, and Talents (10 pts)

*PowerPoint is normally in landscape/ horizontal format. Use these directions to change it to portrait/ vertical.  When you are finished, save it as a JPEG file.

Open PowerPoint > Design > Slide Size (far right) > Custom Slide Size > Orientation > Portrait > Width 8.5 > Height 11 > Ensure Fit > OK

In Google slides, the same thing can be achieved:

File > Page Setup > Custom > 8x10


Sample Paper
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