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Commonly Confused Words


Parts of Speech

        Grammar Bytes (link to doc of links)

        Online Grammar Quizzes for Practice

        Mr. Skipper dot Com Writing Resources

        Parts of Speech Overview with 10 sentences at the end.

        Quia quiz over nouns

        Quia quiz: Identifying types of nouns

        Quia quiz over pronouns

        Quia quiz over adjectives

        Quia quiz over adjectives and adverbs

        Quia quiz over verbs 1

        Quia quiz over verbs 2

        Quia quiz over conjunctions

        Quia quiz over prepositions and prepositional phrases

        Nouns (video 5 mins)

          Common and Proper Nouns (video 2 mins)

          Singular and Plural Nouns (video 5 mins)

          Possessive Nouns (video 5 mins)

          Concrete and Abstract Nouns (video 5 mins)

          Compound Nouns (video 3 mins)

          Collective Nouns (video 2 mins)

          Count and Non-Count Nouns (video 4 mins)

          Regular and Irregular Nouns (video 3 mins)

      Pronouns (PowerPoint)

         Pronoun Chart (pdf)

         Identifying Antecedents Practice (PowerPoint)

         Indefinite Pronouns

         Pronoun Agreement (Grammar Bytes)

         Pronoun Agreement Practice (online)

         Nice guide and practice (Word doc)

      Subject / Verb Agreement

         Townsun University

         Townsun University with quiz links

         Walden University

         Guide to Grammar quiz 1

         Guide to Grammar quiz 2

         Guide to Grammar quiz 3


        Adjectives (Grammar Bytes)

        Schoolhouse Rocks video 4 mins

      Verbs and Adverbs

        Verbs (Grammar Bytes)

        Adverbs (Grammar Bytes)

        Adjectives and Adverbs PowerPoint (Grammar Bytes)

       Adjective or Adverb? (Quia quiz)

       Adjectives and Adverbs Worksheet (Grammar Bytes)


          Nice video / song by the Bazillions

          Socratica Video

          Prepositions (Grammar Bytes)

          Prepositional Phrases (Grammar Bytes)

          Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases Quiz (must have Quia account)



          Coordinating Conjunctions - aka FANBOYS

          Subordinate Conjunctions and how to Punctuate Them

          Correlative Conjunctions


        Basic Rules

        Abbreviations, Initials and Acronyms

        Mom and Dad

        I or me (video 1)

        I or me (video 2 - annoying voice lady, but explains subject and object well)

       Subject and Object pronouns with a discussion of I or Me


       Capitalization PowerPoint (Grammar Bytes)

       Capitalization Worksheet (Grammar Bytes)

    Sentence Types page 1

    Sentence Types page 2

    Phrases and Clauses 1

    Phrases and Clauses 2

    Phrases and Clauses 3

    Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases (see parts of speech above)

    Basic Punctuation Rules

        Comma Rules

        More About Commas




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