Laser Cut Steel

Redline Steel | NOT recommended

I saw an ad for laser cut steel teacher appreciation apples so I ordered three on May 4, 2020, from the Redline Steel company. Redline Steel is run by an egomaniac who is more concerned with self-promotion than delivery of products. As a result, he is a multi-millionaire but as gotten in trouble with the Assistant District Attorney of his state, the BBB, and his customers.

I waited two weeks after my confirmation email and then sent a request for an update, but heard nothing.

I waited another week and send another email. No response.

I had attempted to use some new customer discount codes on a new order, but they never worked.

I attempted to contact them on their Facebook page but only got an auto-response. That is when I started researching them and found out they have a history of lousy service.

I finally got an email with a tracking number the same day the package arrived, four weeks after I ordered it. (Ordered on May 4, shipping label created on May 28, arrived June 1.)

29 days

Company B - Steel Roots Decor

Order #1 placed on May 31, arrived June 8 

9 days

Order #2 placed on June 5. I emailed them the same day to clarify how I wanted my name placed: Mr. instead of "the" and Skipper for the surname. They replied on the same day, "No problem."

Arrived, June 13. So that was just 8 days to process, create, and ship a custom order. Not bad at all.

My picture makes it look rather chocolatey, but when the light hits it, it's more coppery.

Company C - Merica Metal Works

This company is in Cypress, Texas, just an hour from where I live

I ordered from them on May 30, and the order arrived on June 9.

11 days

To sum it up

Redline Steel: product

                        customer service

                       delivery time

Steel Roots Decor: product

                                customer service

                               delivery time

Merica Metal Works: product

                                   customer service       n/a

                                  delivery time