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Extra Credit

This extra credit if for students who have lost points due to turning in work late.

If you are struggling with the content/ skills, try this page.

I've not assigned a photo essay before, so I'm just trying to find something that already exists. In my mind, you would turn in a slide show of 10 photos that tells a story. What that story is is up to you.

What is a Photo Essay?

A Photo essay is a series of photos that tell a story.  Good photo essays often do not need captions; however, most will have some sort of explanation that goes along with it.

  • Photo essays use minimal text to tell a story. The curation of photographs, the sequence, and juxtaposition are all important aspects of the project. 

  • It is important that the topic of the essay be absolutely clear for the ‘reader’. The subjects depicted in the photographs may be diverse, but the sequence of images should have a clear message. Each image has a purpose in conveying that message.

  • A photo essay usually does not need any more than approximately 10 images.

  • Images can include captions if those captions enhance the visual narrative or add important information. The absence of a caption however can also have an impact on the reader.

Here's what I made. It's not quite what I have in mind, but until I find something better...

Here are some ideas from

Here’s a quick list of classic photo essay subject matter, for all types of photo essays.

  • Profile of a person. A great way to get to know someone is to profile them in a photo essay. This could be a family member or friend.

  • A day in the life. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live someone else’s life for a day? Why not find out and document it in a photo essay? It could also be a day in YOUR life.

  • Street photography. Another great way to practice your photography skills is to head out into the streets and photograph the everyday lives of people around you. The world has plenty of photo essays of cities like New York and London. But what about street photography in your own backyard? The guy who sells that stuff from his bike thing?

  • Abandoned buildings. There’s something fascinating about abandoned buildings. They offer a glimpse into the past, and can be eerily beautiful. If you have any in your area, they make for great photo essay subjects. Don't go near any abandoned buildings!!

  • Social issues. Take photos depicting significant social issues in your community, remembering to respect your subjects. Surely you've heard be talk about all the junk that's dumped around our school/ neighborhood.

banana seat.jpg

I'm hunting for more pictures of me on bikes through the years.

smokey bear times 3 (2).jpg
me_jug_2003 (2).jpg
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