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Day 10 |  Sunday, July 5

Miles Driven: 311 / 2,937

Miles Hiked: 2.7 / 26.42

Money Spent: 126 / 1,304

2 hrs to Penn State

2.5 hrs from Penn State to Ohiopyle State Park and Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater House

8-11 It's a two-hour drive from Cherry Springs State Park to Penn State University. I'm only stopping there for a photo op and lunch.

11-4 It will then take just under three hours to get to the Fallingwater House. They say it takes at least two hours for the guided tour (inside the house) and to explore. That pretty much finishes the day.

Luckily, Ohiopyle State Park is just ten minutes away. The three-mile Meadow Run Trail can be hiked in the morning. The Mitchell Trail is said to be one of the least crowded and it merges with Johnathon Run trail.


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