Summer 2021

A Tour of Texas

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Summer School ends Wednesday, June 30. 

Home to Blanco State Park (4 hrs)

     San Marcos and Canyon Lake are both 45 mins from Blanco State Park, so it's an easy trip to visit either one.  

     San Marcos (B)

          Purgatory Creek Natural Area

          Purgatory.pdf (

     Blanco State Park (C)

          Park Site

          Trail Map

     LBJ State Park (D)

          Park Site

          Park Map


     LBJ National Historic Park

          Park Site

     Canyon Lake (E)

          Canyon Lake, Texas -

          VisitorsMap_2018.pdf (

Blanco State Park to Leakey, Texas (2 hrs)

     Leakey (G) is 30 mins south of Lost Maples (F) and just 15 mins north of Garner State Park (H), so once again, it will be my central location for the night.

     Lost Maples (F) 

          Lost Maples State Natural Area — Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

          Lost Maples State Natural Area Trails Map (

     Garner State Park (H)

          Garner State Park — Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

          Garner State Park Trails Map (


Garner State Park to San Antonio (1.5 hrs)

San Antonio to Home (3.5 hrs)