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Quia Quiz

A. We _____ just about to leave the house when the phone rang.

B. “Come on, Reem! _____ about to leave!” her mum shouted.

C. What are you going to _____ to the party.

D. _____ are you going?

  1. “_____ are you taking me?” the little girl asked the wicked witch.

  2. Omar and Sherine _____ walking down the street towards the charity shop.

  3. “Come on, Reem! _____ about to leave!” her mum shouted.

  4. “What _____ you doing in the kitchen?” Sandra asked Luke suspiciously.

  5. “I don’t know _____ to start,” Melissa moaned, looking at her homework.

  6. “We shall go _____ no men have ever been before,” the adventurer said.

  7. “We _____ going to get you a book token for your birthday,” John said.

  8. “I don’t know _____ the photographs have gone,” Karim said.

  9. “They _____ in this shoebox.”

10. To be honest, we have no idea _____  _____ going at the moment.

11. It was a beautiful day. The birds _____ singing merrily and the bees _____ buzzing busily in the garden.

12. “So, you _____ going to try to trick me into revealing _____ I have hidden the treasure, eh?”

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