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1 Etymology

2 Folk beliefs

    2.1 Haitian tradition

    2.2 African and related legends

    2.3 Origins of zombie beliefs

3 Evolution of the zombie archetype

4 Modern fiction

    4.1 In film and television

    4.2 In print and literature

    4.3 In anime and manga

    4.4 In art

    4.5 In video gaming

    4.6 In government media

    4.7 In music

    4.8 In social activism

    4.9 In theoretical academic studies

version 1

I.     Introduction/ Etymology

II.    Origins of Zombie Beliefs

III.   Haitian Tradition

IV.   African Legends

V.   Zombies in Film and Television

VI.  Zombies in Literature   

VII. Conclusion

version 2

I.     Introduction/ Etymology

II.    Origins of Zombie Beliefs

       A.   Haitian Tradition

       B.   African Legends

III.   Zombies in Film and Television

       A. Film

           1. Night of the Living Dead

           2. Zombieland

        B. Television

           1. The Walking Dead


IV.  Zombies in Literature   

        A. Early Literature

        B. Modern Literature

           1. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

           2. Pip and the Zombies

           3. Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim

V. Conclusion

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