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Digital Content

Most of the work you do will be completed online; even our textbook is online. 

Here are the accounts you need to create.

Google Classroom

Here are the codes for my classrooms.



CCR ub6kw2x


Encounters 7  jbvhje7

Encounters 8  umkbpdd

English 8 (3rd) cvo5b7i

English 8 (6th) xw6rcct

English 8 (7th) k3og5g6

English 8 (8th) bsmkuzu



I use Quia quite often for quizzes and review activities.

To create your account, follow this link, click the mustard colored "Student" box and on the right, click "Create My Free Account." 

To join a class, see the list of class codes below.

Once you have created your account, use Mr. Skipper dot Com / Quia to access the Quia classroom.

Encounters 7 - GJEN787

Encounters 8 - XDPB763 


English 8 (3rd) - XFXCJX964

English 8 (6th) - AEKR888

English 8 (7th) - EDRJAR673 

English 8 (8th) - EKHKKN339




The district and ThinkCERCA will enroll you in the proper class. Access ThinkCERCA via ClassLink.



Access via ClassLink.


Quizizz is linked to the Google classroom, so you should be enrolled in the Quizizz classroom automatically.


CommonLit is linked to the Google classroom; once everyone has joined the Google class (English classes only),

I will create the matching CommonLit class.

RemindI didn't use Remind last year, but I'll leave this here in case I change my mind.

You and your parents can sign up to received text reminders from me via Remind. 

Click on the appropriate class to sign up. (If I don't recognize the person's name, I don't add them. Make sure to use your real name.)

Encounters 7  (or text @       to the number 81010)

Encounters 8  (or text @       to the number 81010)

English 8 (3)  (or text @         to the number 81010) 

English 8 (6)  (or text @         to the number 81010) 

English 8 (7)  (or text @         to the number 81010) 

English 8 (8)  (or text @         to the number 81010) 

CCR (or text @                        to the number 81010) 

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