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Mr. Skipper has been teaching since 1991.

Middle School  

6th grade Remedial English-Language Arts

6th grade On Level English-Language Arts

6th grade Advanced English-Language Arts

6th grade Gifted and Talented

7th grade On Level Writing

7th grade Advanced Writing

7th grade Advanced English-Language Arts

7th grade Gifted and Talented

8th grade Advanced Reading

8th grade Gifted and Talented

College and Career Readiness


Reading Strategies

Creative Writing

Night School

English IV

GED Prep Course

Summer School
8th Grade Reading

English I
English II
English III

High School

English I Remedial

English I On Level

English I Enriched

English I Advanced

English II On Level

English II Advanced

English III On Level

English IV Remedial

English IV On Level

World Mythology

Horror Literature

Communication Applications

Mystery Genre Appreciation

Student Government and Leadership

Practical Writing

Study Skills


Texas Department of Corrections

Adult Literacy/ GED Prep

Now it's YOUR turn!

Leave a 60 second video telling me all about yourself.

The content is up to you,

but I need to clearly

see your face

and hear your voice.

You get one point for every six seconds you record.


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