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Extra Credit and Tutorials

(If you're actually in my tutorials right now, sign in here.)

What can I do to improve my reading comprehension and writing skills?

The internet is so full of 'stuff' that it's hard to find something that really helps.

For my pages, you can just about type for anything you need. 

I've also put a search box on the site to help you find information you need.

In addition, here are some other sites that you can use at home:

For Reading

ReadTheory is great for use at home.

You can create a parent account

and a student account.


Smithsonian's Tween Tribune

News ELA

Reading Rockets

The Reading Mama

Homophone Games

More Games

(Look for the appropriate grade level.)

For Writing


This page is a great source of interactive tools

that help students accomplish various goals,

from organizing their thoughts to

learning about different aspects of

the English language.


There is a lot here to explore.

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Essay Punch

Try this one and let me know what you think.

Thesis Builder <-- This is cool.

The Hemingway App

If you've already typed an essay/ paragraph,

paste it here for some immediate feedback.

Readability Tool

Similar to the Hemingway app

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