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Grade 7: Document

Grade 7: Spreadsheet

Grade 7: Presentation

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Grade 8: Spreadsheet

Grade 8: Flowchart with Google Slides

Grade 8: Video

Grade 8: App Smashing



A flowchart describes the process for making a decision. It's used by computer programmers, but people call also use them to describe their own decision making process.

Here's one I made to show how I decide whether to take the tollway to work or the freeway.

Before you start, plan out your chart on a piece of paper. On the Google Slide, click file, page setup, custom, and set your page dimensions to 8.5 x 11.

You can use the Insert menu or the top toolbar to add shapes and arrows.

Here's a cool one for choosing a book to read.

Mine asks three questions if I count the first one. Yours should too.

It can be over any question related to your life: What should I eat for dinner? Should I go for a run today? Which TV show will I watch?

Give it some thought, put it on paper, show it to me, and if I approve, make your Google Slide.

This is the district's official checklist. There's nothing special to it.

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