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1. Speak LOUDLY. Mr. Skipper does not hear well. If he asks you to repeat yourself, don't be embarrassed, just speak a little louder. It's not you; it's him.

2. No cell phones. Ever.* There is no reason for you to use your phone in class.

3. No earbuds or headphones. The only time you would need them is if you're listening to a passage being read to you. Otherwise, put them away.

4. Chromebooks. You should never be on a page that is not directly related to the assignment. If you have completed the assignment, you can visit my games page.

5. This USED to be a cafeteria. It is not anymore. NO eating in class, unless it's something I have provided.

6. Stay hydrated. Drink water. No other beverages allowed. The water fountain is for filling bottles or cups. No mouths.

7. Restroom. We have our own. If you need to go, raise your hand and point. I'll nod.

    Don't forget to flush and wash your hands.

8. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF AND YOUR GROUP.    We make lots of stuff. One thing we don't want to make is a mess. I will end craft activities early enough that you have time to clean things up. If you spill paint or glue or break something, let me know right away so we can clean it up/ fix it. It's not a big deal; accidents happen. When you go to the bathroom, flush and throw paper towels in the trash can.

*Maybe sometimes, but very rarely and ONLY with my permission.

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