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I will use Quia as often as I can for quizzes and review activities.

If you haven't set up your account, use the directions below.

Each class has its own Quia page of assignments.

Once you have created your account, you can just click the link to go straight to your Quia classroom.

Encounters 7 - GJEN787

Encounters 8 - XDPB763 


English 8 (1st) - EKHKKN339 

English 8 (2nd) - NDJP786 

English 8 (3rd) -  TCXHNE689

English 8 (4th)

English 8 (5th) -  

English 8 (6th) - EDRJAR673 

English 8 (7th) - XFXCJX964

English 8 (8th)AEKR888

Anchor 1

Directions for creating account:

Go to the Quia website at

and click the link 'Create Account.'

Select "Student" as the account type and fill in all of the information correctly. When you are done, press the 'Create My Account' button.

Use your GP username and password.









You should now be in the Student Zone.

Type in the class code in the text field and

press the Add Class button. 


When the next page opens, you will know you're in the right place when you see your class listed.

And if you click it.....

You'll get this page that shows a summary of your completed activities and a link to the class page.

Click it and ........

You will see all of the activities for you class.

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