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Welcome to the new school year!

Mr. Skipper dot Com contains page after page of instructional and informative information.

This year will be quite different from what you're used to because you will no longer have 24/7 access to a district laptop. Though we are fortunate to have a class set of Chromebooks, we will spend a LOT more time using print resources and completing assignments by hand on paper!

We will still use Google Classroom, and I encourage you to download the Google Classroom app to your phone.


Parents and students should check grades on a weekly basis via Skyward

Contact Information and Class Schedule are provided below the calendar. <click>

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Pd.      "A" Day Courses

 1         Encounters 8 

 2         Adv English 8 

 3         Encounters 7 

 4         Conference


           "B" Day Courses

 5        CCR 

 6        Conference

 7        Adv English 8

 8        Adv English 8


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