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Some examples:

I Am From

I am from tangerine walls and shelves full of rummage sale treasures.

From a warm dance studio and ice cream sleepovers.

I am from a family who is always there at home, on stage, and after school.

And from being kind doesn't cost a thing.

I am from the sandy beaches of the Florida coast

Whose feeling of waves stay with you long after you leave.

I am from homework and dinner in the car on the way to dance class

And Tchaikovsky's music in my head all year long.

I am from Steve and Kathy

and from meatloaf or chicken and rice for birthday meals.

I am from those moments when the night sky is pitch black

and you see your first shooting star.

And here is my example:

Sixty Years and Counting

by Mr. Skipper, February 24, 2024


I am from the two-sided study desk my father built for my brother and me. Sitting catty-corner from each other, we did our homework on its glossy white surface;


from Smokey Bear who I’ve had for over 50 years, who’s as bald as I am, but still keeps watch in my classroom, and from the blue spiraled bowling ball I got when I was 16 that I take out on every birthday since then for the yearly celebration;


I am from two still-living octogenarian parents and three siblings, all of whom live within minutes of each other;


and from a father who is so giving, he should be named a saint, and a mother who has sacrificed so much to care for her family;


I am from the forests and mountains and streams of Arkansas where I spent my summers growing up and now return to on as many occasions as I can whose sense of peace and freedom and serenity sustains me from one vacation to the next;


I am from hikes, bikes, and books; and the Spa station on SiriusXM satellite radio;


I am from Jim and Ann, and from three-colored jello, chuck salad, and hambeanie;


I am from those moments that give me a quiet time to reflect on the blessings of my life.

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