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Book in a Bag

A paper bag book report is a book report contained in a brown paper bag. If you do your job correctly, the outside design and summary and the inside items used with your story retelling should convince someone else to want to read this book.


Outside (Front):

Purpose: design an interesting cover to interest a classmate to want to read your book.

How: Use white paper to cover the front of the brown paper bag. Make sure to trim of any extra paper. You must include the title, author, and a picture from the story. Do not use one that’s already provided on the front of your book.  Draw the setting and/or characters from your book as part of your design. You may use a variety of materials and textures as part of the design. May use crayons, markers, paint, or colored pencils; be creative.

Outside (Back):

Purpose: to provide a written summary of your book.

How: Type your own summary of the book and glue it on the back of your bag. Be sure to include the important parts of a story: character, setting, problem, a FEW details, and the solution. Also tell about your favorite part of the story. 


Purpose: to bring out items as you retell the important parts of your book.

How: Choose 4-6 items that will fit in your bag and that will add to your oral presentation. Choose these items carefully so that you have one or two for each section (beginning, middle, and end) of your book. Only one item can be a picture drawn by you. The rest must be 3-dimensional items.  During the presentation, you will give a summary of the book, brining each item out of the bag as it comes up in your presentation.  You should include all the story elements (characters, setting, problem, solution) but not as a list, rather include them as you tell us about your book. Finely, give a recommendation for the book (Why would we like reading it?)


Paper Bag Book Report

Outside-Front(25 points)

____Title (5 points)

____ Author (5 points)

___ Decorated creativity (10 points)

___ Neatness (5 points)

Outside- back (20 points)

___characters (5 points)

___ setting-time and place (5 points)

___your favorite event (5 points)

___ Neatness (5 points)

Inside bag (20 points)

___ at least 4-5 items (10 points)

___ all items clearly related to the story (10 points)

Presentation (35 points)

___ looked at the audience (5 points)

___spoke loudly and clearly (5 points)

___ spoke at a rate that was easy to understand (5 points)

___stuck to the topic (5 points)

___pulled out items in correct placement of the retelling 5 (points)

___ organized items, not shuffling around the bad, etc. (5 points)

____evidence of rehearsal (5 points)

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