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The Abandoned Skatepark

Welcome to Burnbridge.

At first glance, Burnbridge seems like a normal small town, struggling to stay afloat in the west. But look deeper, and you'll find that many secrets churn just beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered. Some of the secrets have been kept that way on purpose. But it seems to start with one incident: the mysterious burning of Bridal Bridge.

Join a crew of Burnbridge teens as they explore their town and uncover hints about their it's dark past. You'll join a skateboarder as she searches for her friend, a group of teens who get trapped in the local museum after closing, a couple who decide to explore a haunted mansion, and more. Find clues about Burnbridge as you find your way through an abandoned hospital, jump aboard a midnight train, and begin finding more purposeful -- and darker -- clues. Could it be someone is actively leaving a trail for a teen sleuths to explain the town's sordid history? Or is Burnbridge truly cursed?

What stories of Burnbridge have yet to be told?

Begin your journey by exploring The Abandoned Skatepark!

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