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Cardboard TV Directions


– Empty box
– Glue, tape, scissors
– Clear plastic food container
– Two paper towel tubes
– Rubber bands
– Paper and drawing materials 

Step 1. Carefully flatten your box down prying open the glued seams gently (you’ll need to glue the box back together so be careful). Cut 4 circles and a rectangular cut-out that will be your “screen.” Use your paper towel rolls as templates for the circles. At this point you can cover the outside of the box with cardstock paper as we did (in red) and glue it down the box.


Step 2. Cut out a piece of your plastic container the size of your cut-out “screen” and tape it down over the cut out rectangle on the inside of the box. Again refer to the photo below.

Step 3. Slide your paper tubes through the holes and add rubber bands on the top one to make sure there is some grip for the paper as it rolls.

Step 4. Cut out a piece of long paper (we just used white butcher paper) to fit the length through your two paper towel rolls.

Step 5. Draw pictures to illustrate scenes from the novel and any other information requested by your teacher.

Step 6. Roll the paper through the tube and secure with tape.

(Note that the roll is installed in correctly in the picture below.)

Step 7. Put your box back together. Glue it back the way it came or use use masking  tape to hold the seams back together in case you need to fix something later.

Step 8: Decorate your TV to show the title, etc., of your book.

cardboard tv 2.jpg
cardboard tv 3.jpg
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cardboard tv 5.jpg
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