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Career Research Project

It is important to research possible career options in order to help plan and prepare for the future. This assignment will help you think critically about possible career choices. 

Part 1: Introduction

Career Interest Survey

What Career is Right for Me?

Use the form in Google Classroom to list the top 5 possible careers that interest you. 


Part 2: The Projects

The career aptitude tests may not have directed you toward a STEM career. That's okay, but for Unit 1, that's what you're going to research.

Choosing a Career to Research

1st Nine Weeks:  STEM Careers

     Complete the STEM study guide.

     STEM Careers

     GPISD Page



2nd Nine Weeks: Public Service Endorsement

     Public Service Careers

     GPISD Page


3rd Nine Weeks:  Business and Industry

     Business and Industry Careers

     GPISD Page


4th Nine Weeks:  Arts and Humanity

     Arts and Humanity Careers

     GPISD Page


      Some Arts and Humanities Careers

  • movie/ TV producer or director

  • jeweler

  • college art teacher

  • actor

  • animator

  • art director

  • broadcast technician

  • camera operator

  • choreographer

  • commercial / industrial designer

  • desktop publisher

  • entertainer

  • film & video editor

  • graphic designer

  • makeup artist

  • music director or composer

  • new analyst

  • instrument tuner

  • je

  • painter / decorator

Part 3: Gathering Information

Use this time to read more about your career choices.

These sites will help you find the information you need.

Occupational Outlook Handbook: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Part 4: Poster or PowerPoint or Webpage!!!

Now that you have all of your research completed, it is time to turn that information into a multi-paragraph essay.


Type it up and decide how you will present it. Whether you make a poster, PowerPoint, or webpage, your presentation should be a mix of photos, videos, and the research essay itself.


Make use of text features such as captions, bold text, charts, graphs, photos, etc. to help your presentation stand out. 

Mr. Skipper has made it easy for you. Students can just complete this Google Slide Presentation.


Part 5: Oral Presentation & Final Assessment

On the due date, you will present your project to the class and explain why this job interests you.

You may also present your report via FlipGrid.

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