Career Research Project

It is important to research possible career options in order to help plan and prepare for the future. This assignment will help you think critically about possible career choices. 

Career Interest Surveys

Career Quiz from Australia!

When the options say "Australia," just think "United States" in your head.


A. When you complete this, you will see a print button for your results. You're going to save it as a PDF and upload it in Google Classroom.


B. Next, use this form to list the top 10 possible careers that interest you. Put your top three career interests at the top.


Other Career Aptitude Tests

What Career is Right for Me?

Career Compass



Unit 1: STEM Careers

The career aptitude tests may not have directed you toward a STEM career. That's okay, but for Unit 1, that's what you're going to research.

Part One: Choosing a Career to Research

Complete the STEM study guide.

Part Two: Gathering Information

Use this time to read more about your  career  choices.

Once you have decided on a final choice, fill in the graphic organizer provided by your teacher.

These sites will help you find the information you need.

National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates


Career One Stop center.aspx


USA Jobs




Part Three: Poster or PowerPoint or Webpage!!!

Now that you have all of your research completed, it is now time to type up and format your good copy. Your presentation should be a mix of photos, videos, and paragraph information. Make use of text features such as captions, bold text, charts, graphs, photos, etc. to help your presentation stand out. 


Day Four: Oral Presentation & Final Assessment

On the due date, you will present your project to the class and explain why this job interests you.