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1st 9 Weeks

Freedom of Choice:

          The Very Best Policy

The Power of Video Games:

          Good or Evil?

Energy Policy: 

          To Frack or Not To Frack? 

Role of Machines: 

          Self-Flying Planes May Arrive Sooner Than You Think.

2nd 9 Weeks

The Costs and Benefits of Post- High School Life: 

          Which Degree Is a Better Option?

Social Responsibility: 

          Mary Ellen Wilson: How One Girl's Plight Started the Child-

          Protection Movement

Group Decision Making: 

         “37 Who Saw Murder Didn't Call the Police” and "A Summary of

         “Kitty, 40 Years Later”

Texas Success Initiative Assessment

3rd 9 Weeks

Social Entrepreneurship: 

          This Startup Wants to End World Hunger 

The Future of Farming: 

          Earth's Soil Is Getting Too Salty for Crops to Grow


          The Movie Theater Problem

College Prep

Middle School Scholarship Applications

Types of Loans Offered

Practice FAFSA Form (English)

Practice FAFSA Form (Spanish)

Script for FAFSA Video (english and spanish)

Socratic Seminar Guide 

Cover Letter Ideas 

Resume Lesson Ideas

References Worksheet

Mock Interview Business Examples 

TSI writing Tips

Student Course Guide

Interview Questions

4th 9 Weeks

Family History: 

          Muslim Children Join Their Parents in Fasting for Ramadan

Personal Identify

          I Use a Wheelchair. And Yes, I’m Your Doctor

Cultural Perception: 

          First Encounters with Racism


         "Ha!" Takes a Serious Look at Humor

Family Traditions Project


Additional Options

Arts and Humanities Endorsement Choice Board Project

College Entrance Assessments Performance Impact Reflection Essay 

Spring Semester Exam Budget Multimedia Project 

Vision Board Project 

Reading TSI Assessment Real Test 

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