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New Year's Eve

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Sunday/ Monday

For New Year's Eve, my sister, her husband and I are goig to do a midnight hike up Old Baldy in Garner State Park. I hiked it a couple of years ago, but this time will be in the dark!

Old Baldy Midnight Hike: Come toast the New Year from the top of Old Baldy. Park staff will lead a hike up the Old Baldy Trail. We will meet just before midnight, hike, sit by a campfire, drink some sparkling cider, and hike down in 2024.

On our way to Garner, we're going to stop at The Statue of Liberty in Hallettsville.

Then, for our First Hike of the Year, we'll hike out to Crystal Cave.




Becky and Phillip will head home today.


I will visit Stonehenge II and Easter Island Heads  in Ingram; the Geographic Center of Texas; and then end up at Lake Mineral Wells State Park





On Tuesday, I'll ride the Trailway to Weatherford, have lunch, and return. The entire trail is 20 miles one way, but from the park, it's only about 16.





I'll head home. No stops planned

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boot trail 2.png
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