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The Florida Everglades are a beautiful part of Florida that springs with life left and right. Though still a beautiful wetland, the Everglades have faced many dangers in the past 2-3 hundred years. Two of the most significant challenges it has been faced with are the decision to attempt to drain the Everglades and the introduction of the invasive species of the Burmese Python. Though both were very destructive, the draining of the everglades has led to more destruction and its effects have been much much harder to reverse.

After the draining of the Everglades, people began to "reclaim" the land as if it were ever theirs to begin with. The land was then sold to farmers who knew they could take advantage of the very fertile soil that was all over the everglades. As these farms got bigger and more widespread across the Everglades, the Northern half of the wetlands has been polluted with phosphorus, a dangerous chemical used in war to make incendiary rounds and skin-burning gas, White Phosphorus, which now been banned. Fortunately, the people of Florida took notice of the destruction caused by the states legislature and took action. They supported saving the Everglades and their efforts succeeded because congress heard their voices and in 1947 they created The Everglades National Park. Then a few decades later starting in the late 1970s people from across the globe decided to turn their attention to the Everglades and it was classified as one of the most important wetland environments in the world. Though the conservation efforts of people around the globe caused great improvement and kickstarted the healing process the Everglades will still never be the same as it once was.

The Burmese Python was never native to the Everglades and obviously it was never native to North America either. It believed that a pet owner released the Burmese python into the Everglades due to the fact that people usually purchase the snake when it is small but they grow very large usually leading to owners getting rid of the snake and many people decided that a good place to do that was the Everglades. The Pythons flourished in their new habitats. The Burmese Python has been know to eat anything in its path from mice to raccoons to deer to bobcats and they will not stop. It didn't help when Hurricane Andrew hit, destroying pet stores and releasing even more of them into a food paradise for the enormous python. Realizing what has begun to happen Floridians have once again banded together to save their home state wetlands. Studies have shown that places where the Burmese Python had not yet conquered had much less population loss. Hunters were given permission by the state been to hunt the deadly snake. Today hunters have reported catching their 5000 pythons. This goes to show that though the Burmese Pythons haven’t been in the Everglades for long, conservation efforts have already managed to wrangle up quite a bit of em and have made a dent in the invasive creature’s population.

The Florida Everglades have been hit hard many times before and always people have come to its defense. They have truly stood the test of time and have gone to show people all over the world to respect their environment and protect it because without it we would be nowhere at all.

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