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Every year, the Galena Park ISD Education Foundation hosts the Dazzling Diamonds ceremony. This event honors the top 5% of graduating seniors from Galena Park ISD. In addition, each distinguished scholar recognizes a current Galena Park ISD employee who has had the most significant positive influence on his or her education and life.

I have been very fortunate to be honored by some of these top graduates. Coming from my students, these awards  are the best professional recognition I can receive.

(The text above is from Mr. Miguel Ramirez's Dazzling Diamond page but they are the same sentiments I feel.) Back to Mr. Skipper dot Com

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"Mr. Skipper made everyone around him feel welcome and accepted. I was one of the lucky few who had him as a teacher two years in a row. Because of his incredibly developed and diverse lessons, he helped me realize how fond I was of critical thinking and analysis; not only of written works but of the world around us, as well. The skills I learned in his class have, without a doub, allowed me to excel in my classes in high school. I know all of the valuable skills he taught me will come in handy in my future college education and personal life beyond college. It's been several years since I've had Mr. Skipper as a teacher, but I still look back and recall my 7th and 8th grade years as being full of laughter. He is an extraordinarily kind human I am extremely grateful to have met."

Ashley plans to attend Texas State University and major in Sociology. She would like to become a sociologist and study human behavior, as well as help those in her community.

dd 2022 luke.jpg

"Mr. Skipper challenged me every day to work hard and taught me important writing skills that improved my writing. He also made me think outside of the box and expand my creativity. Assisting me in these aspects helped me grow to become and excellent writer and better person. He showed the importance of getting work done before the due date and not procrastinating to allow more time to edit and improve work. I really appreciate all he has done and how he always wanted his students to succeed."

Luke plans to attend the University of Houston and major in Accounting. He would like to be an accountant for the Astros.

dd 2023 victorious.jpg

"I was privileged to be Mr. Skipper's student in the seventh and eighth grades. However, his devotion to students did not end when I exited the doors of middle school. During my time in high school, I have seen Mr. Skipper at just about every event that involves his kids. From soccer games to choir concerts, you can always count on an appearance from 'The Skip!' Simply put, Mr. Skipper embodies the spirit of teaching. Our classrooms became families, and his lessons taught me so much for than literature.

"Thank you, one thousand times over for your unwavering faith in me, your willingness to sit through my rants, and your quick responses to my sarcastic quips. Most importantly, thank you for pushing me to be Victorious!"

Victoria, this year's Valedictorian, plans to attend the University of Notre Dame majoring in Neuroscience.

"Presenting my Dazzling Diamond recognition to my 7th and 8th grade English teacher, Mr. Skipper, was an easy choice. More than being a wonderful teacher, he was an inspiration. When I was an impressionable middle schooler, Mr. Skipper proved to be a positive influence in my life, teaching me how to react to situations calmly and with purpose. Mr. Skipper always walked into class radiating kindness. It was evident how much he loved his students. This Dazzling Diamond award is the least I can do to show my gratitude for the impact he's had on my life."

Not only is Jose graduating in the top 5%, he's one of the top TEN graduates at Galena Park High School.

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