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Escape the Crate

Escape the Moon

After 21 missions through time, you have earned yourself a nice vacation.  The boss has booked you onboard the spaceship “Apollo 135” in the year 2050 on an all-expense paid trip to the moon!  As the spaceship soars out of the atmosphere, it becomes quite clear that not everything has gone according to plan.  After a rough landing on the lunar surface, you realize it is up to you to repair the ship before it is too late.  With an artificial intelligence system malfunctioning, you have little help making sense of the massive spaceship, but odd clues appear to be have been left on the lunar surface itself.   Can you crack the code, repair the ship, and return to Earth or will you be lost in space?  

Escape: The Games of Olympus

The 2020 Olympic games may have been postponed, but this summer you can compete against the gods! In this adventure we have several smaller escapes to complete, so you can play the game in smaller spurts than a traditional hour long setting. We are sending you back to Ancient Greece where a false prophet is spoiling future events and changing history in her wake. The only way to stop her prophecies is to compete in the fabled “Games of Olympus.” Each challenge will pit you against the Greek gods, goddesses, monsters, and heroes as you attempt to come out on top. Do you dare enter the maze of the Minotaur, soar into the sky on Apollo’s chariot, face-off against Medusa, or think you can resist the urge to open Pandora’s Box? Win each of the challenges to take on the prophet and restore history to its rightful path. Can you earn the favor of the gods?

Escape: Murder in the 80s

TWO murder mysteries await in this box! The year is 1985. A new arcade has opened in town and everyone is there for the opening day. The owner of the establishment is a failed entrepreneur who is hoping this arcade might finally be his salvation. Celebrities have been brought in for the ribbon-cutting… from the coolest musician available to book to a fitness superstar attempting to make her break… Politicians are there to shake hands and survey the scene. High school students are skipping class to attend, while their principal is on the lookout, attempting to catch them in the act. It is chaos… Yet, as the ribbon is cut, someone winds up dead. It is up to you to search the arcade and to interview the suspects. You need to find out whodunit, why, and how before you become the next victim… And who is to say that only one person will be dead before the end of the game?

Escape: Whodunit?

In this eerie, yet family-friendly, murder mystery, you have been invited to Burke Manor for the reading of your great-uncle’s will. You have never heard of him before and getting the call was quite the shock. It turns out that 8 others were also called to stay the night at the fancy mansion. The grounds are gorgeous and hide swimming pools, hiking trails, a hedge maze, and even riding stables, but they are nothing compared to the mansion itself. 30 rooms are connected by a series of hallways, dumbwaiters, staircases, and secret passages. Shortly after you all gather together, however, you discover this isn’t going to be a weekend getaway. One of your number wants the inheritance all to themself. One by one, the other guests are murdered… and it is up to you to solve each and every crime. Compete against your other detectives as you watch the number of suspects shrink. If you find a clue… do you share it with the others? Or do you keep it for yourself? Just be careful… as you may just be the next victim yourself!

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