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Fall Festival Ideas

Kids section with one of those height signs.

  • kiddie pool with ducks and net

  • easier ring toss, soccer kick, etc

  • Kids section will have a table and water for the StuCo workers to take breaks

Photo spot

Places to sit (Strangely, we didn't seem to have enough tables.)

More trash bins

Thoughts on concessions:

  • Run by PTA/ Student Council and selected parent volunteers

  • Still nothing more than a dollar

  • A single bag of chips, however, should not cost a dollar

  • A $3 meal: chips, drink, and a hot dog

Provide candy for clubs (StuCo can afford it) so they don't have to be stingy with it.

Get a business to donate bags for kids to collect candy.

Where can we get pumpkins for a pumpkin patch?


I can build these.

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