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The Grand Canyon

compass rose.webp

In 2013, I went with my sister, parents, and aunt to the Grand Canyon traveling by Amtrak. We had to go to Los Angeles first via one train and hop on another that took us to Flagstaff and then into vans for the rest of the trip. And vice-versa on the way home. The layover in LA on the return trip was long enough for us to rent a vehicle and drive to Blue Jay Way to the house George Harrison once lived in and sang about in this song. 

blue jay way 006.jpg
amtrak to grand canyon.jpg

One of the big things, I guess, was to take pictures of the sunset. They are all very similar, but that's because it took a while for the sun to go down, and we were standing in the same spot pretty much the whole time. These were all taken with my Samsung flip-phone and tweaked in Photoshop. 

panorama 009.jpg
panorama 008.jpg
panorama 007.jpg
panorama 006.jpg
panorama 005.jpg
panorama 004.jpg
panorama 001.jpg
panorama 002.jpg
panorama 003.jpg
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