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>I or Me?<

  1. Marvin and _______ got new ice skates when we joined the hockey team.

  2. My mother gave _______ money to spend at the book fair.

  3. _______ always proofread my work before giving it to my teacher.

  4. The teacher asked Alicia and _______ to straighten the bookshelf.

  5. My friends and _______ are practicing a skit for social studies class.

  6. Collin and _______ take turns feeding the fish in the aquarium.

  7. Mrs. Danielson asked Rory and _______ to return the books to the library.

  8. My younger brother likes to go swimming with _______ .

  9. After the thunderstorm, _______ helped Dad pick up fallen branches.


10. Please turn in your completed contest entries to Mr. Elliot or _______

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