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A. "Keep all your assignments in your notebook so you don’t ______________ any of your work,” advised Mrs. McGee.

B. Tamara watched the horses run _____________________ in the pasture.

  1. Win or _____, this is the best game I’ve ever played in.

  2. Don’t leave anything _____ on the bottom of the car or you might not make it home.

  3. I leave my tie on a little _____ because otherwise my neck gets sore.

  4. I always _____ at Monopoly, I guess I’ll never be a business mogul.

  5. I mentally count to ten so I don’t _____ self-control in those grueling meetings.

  6. When the probe passes behind the moon, we’ll _____ the signal for a few minutes.

  7. If you’ve got any _____ quarters, bring them to the arcade.

  8. Should a dog that size by running _____ in the yard?

  9. Stretching helps you get nice and _____ for a long run.

10.Be very careful not to _____ your passport while travelling

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