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When it comes to grading student writing, it's important to know the kid's ability. Then when they get an AI program to write it, it's easily noticeable.

Take a look at these two sections of a 7th grader's essay on Oscar Mayer. See if you notice what I noticed.


“Oscar F. Mayer was born on March 29, 1859. The place Oscar F.Mayer was born was Neresheim, Germany.” “His brother's name is Gottfried and His parents were Ferdinand and Wilhelmina. Oscar F. Mayer's dad was a forester.  His mother doesn't have a job and Oscar f Mayer's brother Gottfried doesn't have a job until Oscar f Mayer thinks of the hot dog business.” “Oscar F . Mayer's dad died when Oscar Mayer was eleven years old and Oscar Mayer told his brother about the idea of a hot dog business”. It does not say where Oscar f Mayer went to school since it doesn’t say he was probably home school or he was taught by a teacher that teaches one through eight.“German immigrant Oscar F. Mayer began working at a meat market in Detroit, Michigan, and later in Chicago, Illinois. In 1883, Mayer and his brother Gottfried leased the Kolling Meat Market near the north side of Chicago.”  His father's death mostly impacted him because he was at a  young age. He was also impacted when his brother opened the Kolling Meat Market.

The Beginning of Career

“He emigrated to the United States as a teenager and moved to Detroit to live with a cousin.” He worked in that city's meat market and moved to Chicago in 1876 when his cousin moved there. Mayer found work at a meat market on Chicago's North Side and started a butcher and “sausage-making shop of his own in 1883 when he was 24 years old.” In 1873 Oscar Ferdinand Mayer immigrated as a fourteen (14) year old with his elder cousin, John Scholl, and John’s young family, to the United States from Germany with the dream of opportunity. The Scholls and young Oscar found their way to Detroit and, within days of his arrival, Oscar was combing the streets of Detroit looking for the first “opportunity” which he found in the form of a sign in a shop window that read “Junge wollte.” Oscar stepped through the door to find himself in a butcher shop, thereby setting the direction of an entire family for more than a century. when he was 24 years old. “Five years later, the proprietor who owned the store refused to renew Mayer's lease, hoping that he could profit from Mayer's business success.” Pushed out on his own, “Mayer bought a property and constructed a two-story building for his business and family. He married the former Louise Greiner of Munich in 1887, and their only son was born in that building.”

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