A big part of our GT program involves tapping into the students' creativity.

My mom has given us LOADS of random stuff that we use in our projects

and our motto is "Throw nothing away".

        This anti-slip mat became the walls of a castle.

                                      Bamboo coasters similar to these make great thatched roofs.

             My pencil shaving collection has been used for eyebrows, gardens, and pearl-lined paths.

These marbleized discs which will become the wheels of a Baskin-Robbins ice cream car were made from the covers of an old dictionary and a bunch of left over nail polish from my mom and sister. The bowl they used for their marbleizing concoction was left over from a microwave meal I had for lunch one day.

anti slip liner.jpg
Nicole 1.jpg
Nicole 3.jpg
Nicole 2.jpg
bamboo coasters.jpg
pencil path.jpg
000 marbled tire 2.jpg
000 marbled tire 1.jpg
000 marbled tire 3.jpg
000 marbled tire 5.jpg
000 marbled tire 4.jpg