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Rock Island Press traces its roots back to 1962 when James Skipper snuck into a building one night on the campus of the University of Arkansas where he was a student. Using a mimeograph machine, he printed A Baker's Dozen of poetry dedicated to his wife-to-be, Ann Jones.

In 1982, his son Louis Skipper printed A Number of Poems using the facilities of Sam Houston State University where he was a student. During the next twenty years, he printed six more chapbooks of poetry, including a reprint of A Baker's Dozen.

In 2006, father and son joined together to create Rock Island Press. Moving beyond chapbooks, they now publish paperback books and conduct workshops on independent publishing. First off the presses was Me and Slim by Jesse L. Jones, followed by A School Man of the Ozarks by William Erwin Halbrook.

In 2010, Rock Island Press published Pip and the Zombies  which was taught at Florida State University in a Dickens class and Anonymous He
, both by Louis Skipper.

Visit Gutenberg's Book Emporium to purchase any of our fine publications.

Or buy from Amazon:

Me and Slim

A School Man of the Ozarks

Pip and the Zombies

Anonymous He

Wonder View: The First Forty Years

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