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Students - In a nutshell, Quill will help you become a better writer which will help you be more successful in high school and in college. I have linked our Google Classroom with Quill, so all you have to do is follow this link and sign in with your GP/Google account.

Our Mission provides free online tools to help low-income students become sharp writers. Our mission is to help the 30 million low-income K-12 students in the United States who struggle with writing.

In 2011, a Department of Education study found that 76% of eighth grade students are not proficient at writing, one of the most important skills young people need to improve reading comprehension, advance critical thinking, and produce new knowledge. While poor writers may gain admission into college, they will not have the skills they need to thrive. College-level learning depends on college-level thinking expressed through the written word.

[Quill’s goal is] to improve outcomes for every single student who does not have consistent access to the finest writing instruction. By automatically grading the writing as they work, [Quill provides] instant feedback and personalized instruction [for the student]. This tailored experience enables students to learn faster, and it saves teachers hundreds of hours spent on grading.

Quill’s History: September 2014-January 2017

In September of 2014 we launched Quill Proofreader, a tool that helps teachers identify which students need support in basic grammar. We then supplied lessons to improve those skills. These … lessons help students with basic concepts such as possessive nouns and subject-verb agreement. Students receive instant feedback on their work and personalized pathways for advancing through the program. Quill’s curriculum now provides over 40 hours of instruction.

While exploring new ways to expand our program, we found that literacy experts consistently recommended “sentence combining” as a high-leverage strategy for teaching writing skills. In sentence combining, students take multiple ideas and combine them together into a single sentence. At its core, sentence combining requires students to examine the relationships between ideas, order those ideas, and then express them logically and succinctly. Writing Next, one of the seminal reports on literacy development, lists sentence combining as one of eleven highly effective strategies for developing writing skills.


Our sentence combining tool employs cutting-edge language analysis software so that we can assess the quality of student responses and provide students with immediate feedback.

By applying innovative technology to a research-validated strategy, we believe that we are on the verge of creating a revolutionary learning experience, which will be made available, for free, to millions of students.

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