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Chicot State Park

Evangeline Parish, Louisiana

Spring Break 2021

I went with my sister and her husband to Chicot State Park in Louisiana which is currently housing a bunch of Covid patients. It was supposed to rain every day and night, but did not.

It started to sprinkle during the night Sunday, so I packed up my tent and spent the rest of the night in my Xterra. It was supposed to rain Monday night, so I slept in the bus/rv. After that, I didn't bother with the tent. 

We hiked during the day and watched the Planet of the Apes movies in the evening.

It did rain Tuesday night which was fine because my sister and I had already hiked most of (15 miles) the available trails. What was left would be water logged, so we decided to rent a rowboat.

Though it looked like a rowboat, it was really just a flat-bottomed boat. There were no rowlocks, which was disappointing, and actually had paddles instead of oars.

We rowed across a little inlet and tried to moor ourselves to some trees to snack and read, but we had no rope and no anchor and it was windy.

Since the wind was blowing us away from the dock, we knew that going back would be more fun, but we had figured out the current and how our different rowing abilities affected the movement of the boat and were able to reach the dock in fine order. In fact, our docking was quite impressive. I've seen motorboats do much worse.

As fortune would have it, we got the boat situated just as it began to rain. (We were about to set out a picnic blanket, but had to move to a covered picnic table for snacks and reading.)

Wednesday night we watched The Wedding Singer and headed home on Thursday.

The trails weren't very scenic, but here are my photos divided by subject.

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