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  1. Petra turned and (then / than) reminded us that she had a greater stake in the business.
  2. The shark (then / than) grabbed Matt's arm.
  3. It seemed to shake him for about 5 seconds, but (then / than) it released him.
  4. We may have been in charge (then / than), but she now owns 51% of the company.
  5. The car was stolen (then / than) sold to a used car lot.
  6. That's 10% more (then / than)our family combined.
  7. He was even smarter (then / than) I thought.
  8. Matt was luckier (then / than) Simon - the shark's teeth had not severed any arteries.
  9. Their best player sprained his ankle, (then / than) it was all over.
10. Get your facts first, (then / than) come back and talk to me.
11. Nothing you wear is more important (then / than) your smile.
12. Now and (then / than) it's good to stop and make sure you're doing it right.
13. In my country we go to prison first and (then / than) become President. (Nelson Mandela)
14. All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and (then / than) doesn't hurt.
15. Judge a man by his questions rather (then / than) his answers.
16. Better three hours too soon (then / than) a minute too late.
17. I dream of painting and (then / than) I paint my dream. (Vincent Van Gogh)
18. Better a witty fool (then / than) a foolish wit.

19. Come over this afternoon; I'll be ready (then / than).

20. We saw a movie and (then / than) went out to dinner.

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