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Quia Quiz

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  A. Sadly, it is obvious that ________ the worst team in the league.
  B. I hope ________ are no nuts in this cake.

  1. I got stuck in traffic on my way to ________ apartment.
  2. It was ________ last game of the season.
  3. It’s not ________ fault that none of the players know how to play.
  4. Paul said that ________ going to need a lot of rest after the trip.
  5. Soon it was clear that ________ was no way out.
  6. The class was shocked when ________ teacher assigned the 10-page paper.
  7. ________ camp counselor gave them some advice that they never forgot.
  8. ________ are too many people in this elevator.
  9. ________ going to raise money to buy new uniforms.

10. We were ________ last week and we attended ________ church.

After school, ________ going over ________ if ________ parents approve.

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