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A. _____ costume are you wearing for Halloween?

B. Perhaps I'll dress as a _____.

C. Did you eat my sand_____.

  1. ______ outfit should I wear to the dance? 

  2. The tornado causd a house to fall on top of the wicked _____.

  3. Someone dropped a sand_____ on the floor.

  4. I couldn't decide _____ of the doughnuts I wanted to eat.

  5. I cannot tell _____ flower is the real one.

  6. Last Halloween, I dressed up as a _____ and my sister dressed as a clown.

  7. I tried to follow the map, but I didn't know _____ way to go!

  8. I saw a _____ fly by on her broomstick.

  9. I ate a sand_____ for lunch.

10. I don't know _____ one you want, but I'll take the Oreo.

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