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A. (Who’s / Whose) the winner of the championship game?

B. (Who’s / Whose) suggestion was written in the box?

  1. OK, _____ half-eaten donut is sitting on the counter?

  2. I’m heading to the ballgame this afternoon. _____ coming?

  3. Pete Rose, _____ hits record may stand for years to come, was banned from baseball for gambling.

  4. I have two tickets to the Justin Beiber concert; now _____ your best friend?

  5. Wow, _____ car is that? I’ve always wanted one of those.

  6. The one _____ mind is sharpest and fingers quickest has the edge in a game like Jeopardy.

  7. Jackson, _____ lost in Philadelphia somewhere, is going to be late for his own wedding.

  8. _____ favorite show is ‘Phantom of the Opera’?

  9. _____ the front-runner for the plant manager job, do you think?

10.I’ll call over to the house and see _____ still there

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