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An Encounters 7 student from 2018-2019 shared this site for making "word clouds";

it's FAR superior to the ABCya website and is called WordART.

I hate giving step-by-step instructions because it's important for you to figure things out on your own, but here's a few things:

1. First, find and a save an image that goes with your topic.

2. Click the long SHAPES bar and add your image.

3. Above the SHAPES bar is the WORDS bar, click it.

4. On the left, click "Import" and paste your research paper in the box. Delete the heading and Works Cited, make sure the first three boxes at the bottom are checked, then click "Import words."

5. You will now see a list of all the words in your paper sorted by frequency. Hit the red VISUALIZE button.

And now is when you start playing around with the controls.

You can manually change the SIZE of your topic words so they stand out. If you have fine lines in your shape, you'll need some of those size 1 words. If too many words are illegible, you can start deleting words which ought to change the size of the remaining words.

Just play around with it. The most important things is for your topic words stand out the most.

Here's the old style. Click it to see an album of old and new.

Flores Word Cloud.png
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