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Your or You're

Quia Quiz

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A. I have a cupcake, but _____________ cupcake looks tastier.

B. ______________ the best friend I have ever had.


  1. May I borrow ______________ book when ____________ finished with it? 

  2. The Hunger Games is _____________ favorite movie.

  3. John read _____________ report and enjoyed it.  

  4. If ____________ not feeling well, we can stay home.

  5. When he said that, he hurt ______________ feelings.

  6. George wants to go to _____________ house for dinner.

  7. _____________ expecting a package today.

  8. Derek said _____________ coming to the party.

  9. Is that ___________ notebook on the table?    

10. I have seen _____________ work, and it is amazing.

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