You will cite your sources in two ways:

Internal Documentation - In the body of your paper, you will put the author's last name or article title in parenthesis.

Works Cited - The last page of the paper is called the Works Cited. Here, you will list all of the sources you cited in your paper.

Works Cited Video

There are two problems with that video:

1. Do NOT put a blank line between "Works Cited" and the first entry and do not put a blank line between each entry.


2. It does not show HOW to set your word processor (Google Docs) how to automatically do a hanging indent.

Sample Works Cited

Citing a Website for your Works Cited Page

Purdue University | OWL


Columbia College

University of Hawaii

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Each example below will open in a pop-up if you click it. The second one, with the red circles, is out of date (The period after Clemson Cooperative Extension should now be a period, and you don't need the "http://www." anymore. And it doesn't have a period at the end which is just a mistake.)

Notice that two have "access" dates (which is the date YOU looked at the site and got your information) and two don't. That's because it's optional.

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website citation 3.jpg
website citation 1.jpg
website citation 2.png