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Using Gale

Try this link.

If it doesn't work,

follow these steps.


>Go to the GPISD home page


>Library Resources

>GPISD Databases

>Gale Database

>Middle School Resources

Click 'Sign in with Google'

to link it to your Google drive and use

'Research in Context'.

When you find articles you like,

you can add them to you Google drive. There, you can highlight and add notes

(for a grade) like this.

LOTS of Resources


The Outline



Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing


Citing Sources



Finding and Documenting Sources


Take a look at this website.

It gives a very straightforward explanation of the research process,

including taking care of your source documentation

Documenting Your Sources

  • Author's Last Name, First Name.

  • "Title of Article."

  • Name of Website,

  • Organization Responsible for Website,

  • Date Website was Published,

  • URL (web address),

  • Date of Access (When did you look at it?)

EasyBib has a nice page about citing sources.

 MLA Citation Guide

Sample Works Cited

Schmoop Video on Works Cited


Citation Examples

citation website.jpg

How Internal Documentation

and the Works Cited go Together

The works cited is a list of all the sources you used for your paper alphabetized by the author's last name or by the first word in the article title.

When you use the source information in your paper, you must document where it came from by mentioning the author or the article title in the text of your paper.


In the example, we have a sentence about crime being on the rise. It came from page 25 of the book Crime in the United States written by Tim Barker.

The works cited page lists the bibliographic information for the book (NOT in MLA 2021 format) and the in-text documentation (Barker 25) contains the author's last name.

(If there had been no author, the in-text documentation would be the title of the book.)

Sample Works Cited

Sample Paper

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