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Using Gale

Try this link.

If it doesn't work,

follow these steps.


>Go to the GPISD home page


>Library Resources

>GPISD Databases

>Gale Database

>Middle School Resources

Click 'Sign in with Google'

to link it to your Google drive and use

'Research in Context'.

When you find articles you like,

you can add them to you Google drive. There, you can highlight and add notes

(for a grade) like this.

LOTS of Resources


The Outline



Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing


Citing Sources



Formatting Your Paper

Every page:

Georgia font (or whatever your teacher requests)

12 point font

no bold or underlining.

1 inch margin on all sides

header in top-right corner (1/2 inch down) with student's last name and page number


All of the above should be set as the default.

First page:


In the left-hand corner, but NOT in the header

student's first and last name

teacher's title and last name

course name

date submitted

Centered (no bold, no underline, no italics)

 title of paper

Look at this sample paper to see what the first page

(and everything else)

should look like.

Formatting the Body

Purdue OWL



Indian River State College

Sample Encounters 8 paper

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