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Click 'Sign in with Google'

to link it to your Google drive and use

'Research in Context'.

When you find articles you like,

you can add them to you Google drive. There, you can highlight and add notes

(for a grade) like this.

LOTS of Resources


The Outline



Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing


Citing Sources



Sources and Note Taking


Take a look at this website.

It gives a very straightforward explanation of the research process, including

     taking care of your source documentation

 MLA Citation Guide

Sample Works Cited

More About Citations

Many teachers don't like Wikipedia or EasyBib, but they are both useful tools.

Find your Sources

As I said, Wikipedia is a research paper and they list their sources at the end of the article. See if you can find some good ones.

I found








But even though I'm always pushing the use of Wikipedia, it's not always the best. Sometimes (often), their sources are blocked when using district devices; sometimes their links are out of date; sometimes their sources are books that you won't have access to.


So I made a video (below) about how to find sources using Google.

(And no teacher will ever want you to use an online encyclopedia or similar site for your research.)




Taking Notes

This is where it becomes a challenge. You need to make a copy of these articles/ websites. You can then put it in Google Docs and take notes on the page. You're looking for information to fill in on your outline.

This video, which has no narration, shows me copying and pasting a website article into a Google Doc and then writing a bit in the comment section.

Save all your sources and notes to a folder called "Last name Research 2020

Works Cited

The other important thing is to record (copy down) all of the bibliographic information:


  • Author's Last Name, First Name.

  • "Title of Article."

  • Name of Website,

  • Organization Responsible for Website,

  • Date Website was Published,

  • URL (web address),

  • Date of Access (When did you look at it?)

EasyBib has a nice page about citing sources.

Look at the information below and in the yellow box.


^ Taking Notes in Google Doc Video ^

citation website.jpg


Citation Examples