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Using Gale

Try this link.

If it doesn't work,

follow these steps.


>Go to the GPISD home page


>Library Resources

>GPISD Databases

>Gale Database

>Middle School Resources

Click 'Sign in with Google'

to link it to your Google drive and use

'Research in Context'.

When you find articles you like,

you can add them to you Google drive. There, you can highlight and add notes

(for a grade) like this.

LOTS of Resources


The Outline



Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing


Citing Sources



Finding Sources and Taking Notes


Take a look at this website.

It gives a very straightforward explanation of the research process,

including taking notes on notecards.

Finding Sources


Wikipedia articles are research papers and they list their sources at the end of the article. See if you can find some good ones.

I found






However, Wikipedia is not always the best to use for school papers. Often, their sources are blocked when using district devices; sometimes their links are out of date; sometimes their sources are books that you won't have access to.


So use Google. Ask it for exactly what you're looking for: "Where did Louis Braille go to school?"

Often Google will show you the answer on the search page. You'll have to go to the source page to get the full information. 

Remember,  most teachers will not want you to use an online encyclopedia or similar site for your research.

Guide to website suffixes.

Taking Notes

This is where it becomes a challenge. You need to make a copy of these articles/ websites. You can then put it in Google Docs and take notes on the page. You're looking for information to fill in on your outline.

The video below (Recording #9 with narration) shows how to copy and paste a website article into a Google Doc and then writing a bit in the comment section.

Save all your sources and notes to a folder called "22-23 Encounters 7 or 8 Research Your Last Name"

23 - 24 Sample of Source with notes.jpg
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