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Day 1 | Friday, June 26 


Miles Driven: 434

Miles Hiked: 0

Money Spent: 116


A former student and her husband own a fancy restaurant in Lufkin (Culture ETX)  She was helping out at a barbecue restaurant, so I didn't get to say hi. Her husband did take a selfie of the two of us and sent it to her.


Lake Bistineau State Park in Lousianna surrounds a 200-year-old man-made lake, but it's being reserved as a "potential isolation facility" for Covid-19 victims.


I called Roosevelt State Park. in Jackson, Mississippi, but  they weren't allowing tent camping, just RVs and pop-ups.

So I drove to Monroe, Louisiana, and got a room at the Motel 6 for $46. 

I drove through a lot of rain.

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