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Day 3 | Sunday, June 28 


Miles Driven: 346 / 1,100

Miles Hiked: 2.25 / 7.55

Money Spent: 65 / 270

There was a tiny amphitheater right next to the campsite that was holding Sunday services. I waited until 9 before driving by and the only person there was the preacher. I stopped and listened to his sermon, but he was mostly rambling.


 I then went to Stone Mountain, Georgia, and climbed up to the top of it. According to my tracker, there was a 621 foot elevation gain. It was only a mile hike up, but it sure felt like more. Most of the hikers were of various skin colors darker than mine which I found interesting since it's a Confederate monument. No one seemed to mind. On the way down, I encountered a woman who was dehydrated. Her boyfriend asked if I had any extra water, so I gave them my last bottle. There were carvings in the rock dating back to the 1800s.


Then drove on to Frank Gross Recreation Area. It's a small place that people just pull into and stay for fishing. I knew it would be an interesting drive when Google maps said there were only 10 miles to go, but it would take an 40 mins. 


The road leading up to this point was twisty, but paved, and suddenly it T-ed at an Army Ranger base. This was completely unexpected and then the road right-turned onto the unpaved, bumpy, and getting very dark Cooper's Gap Rd.  There was no hiking at this spot; it was just a place to camp for the night. 

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