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Day 5 | Tuesday, June 30


Miles Driven: 46 / 1,664

Miles Hiked: 3.57 / 13.23

Money Spent: 91 / 488

A very short drive from Staunton to Loft Mountain Campground and the Appalachian Trail. Shenandoah State Park is almost a linear park... maybe it is. You pay $30 just to get in and the road through the park is 105 miles long.


But this campground is right next to part of the Appalachian Trail. I measured it online and thought I would end up doing ten miles, which I guess I could have since I could have followed the the trail for five miles and turned back, but I ended up on taking a turn onto the loop that went around the camp and was only a little more than two miles. I also walked down to the camp store.

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