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Day 8 | Friday, July 3 

Miles Driven: 210 / 2,415

Miles Hiked: 6.79 / 22.19

Money Spent: 112 / 1,005

Left Hickory Run State Park for LeHigh Gorge State Park and Buttermilk Falls. Buttermilk Falls was unimpressive. The LeHigh River runs through the gorge and you can hike, bike, or paddle to get from one spot to the next. Or you can drive, but it's kind of leapfrog effort. You drive down to the river for spot #1, drive back out to the road and drive a bit and then drive back down to the river for spot #2. I could have gone down to Glen Onoka Falls but I didn't have any coverage down in the gorge (at Buttermilk Falls) to see what my route would be. (And I just read and remembered that it's been closed to hikers since they keep falling in and dying.)

The road that runs along LeHigh River.

The road that runs along LeHigh River.

Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls

The Seven Tubs Nature Area was interesting, but there was limited visibility. "Seven Tubs got its name from the glacial meltwater that created potholes and filled up pools or "tubs" of water." I think, like with LeHigh Gorge, it would have been more interesting if I'd done better research before the trip.

Ricketts Glen was a good 5.5 mile hike with lots of people. Some of them would stand around in front of the waterfalls messing up everyone's views. It started thundering near the end and then started to rain, but I got back to my car before it got too bad.

I then just drove and drove until I got to the Laurelwood Inn and Steakhouse and stayed there for the night.

20200704_192927 Red Rooster table closed
20200703_112238 Red Rooster Sandwich.jpg
20200703_201656 Laurelwood Inn Bed.jpg
20200703_201915 Laurelwood Inn Bathroom
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