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Day 7 | Thursday, July 2


Miles Driven: 197 / 2,205

Miles Hiked: 2.17 / 15.40

Money Spent: 133 / 893

The first stop of the day was Bushkill Falls Trail. I arrived at 10:30 which was a good thing because the place opened at 10:00 and was already filling up. I did, however,  get a great parking spot. Admission to the trail was $16.00. The falls weren't impressive, but the boardwalks and bridges were.

The final stop was Hickory Run State Park and the Hickory Run Boulder field. The drive to the boulder field was down a one-way road that went under a highway through a narrow tunnel and then through a wooded area filled with ferns. I didn't venture far into the boulder field as you'll see from the map; I figured it all looked the same. You'll see my foot in the pictures to help you visualize the size of the boulders. And if you notice brown stones in some of the pictures, you might be able to tell they are in a little pit. It looks to me like people were trying to see how deep the boulders went. I also took pictures along the edge of the field. The experts say that hundreds of years from now, the forest may over take the field. Click the link at the beginning of the paragraph to read more.

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